In 2015-2016, 19% of Penn State's adult learners were or are in the military. 

Penn State will review any military transcripts provided, though they aren't required, in order to determine if any credit may be awarded for military experience. We highly recommend that you do submit your military transcript, so please use the first link below for more information. We use the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations posted to the military transcripts; application of these credits to your program study depends on your major and discussions with your academic adviser. Health and wellness (also known as health and physical activity) credit may be awarded to veterans or members of the active duty armed services or the reserves upon completion of basic training.

Penn State Credit for Military Experience



Getting Started with ACE's Military Credit Recommendations

Resources for Military and Veteran Students

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

If you have completed any DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST) exams, these may provide additional course work credits for your program of study, depending on your major. Complete the form to request the official transcript of the testing and the scores, and pay the $30 fee for the scores to be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Our Institutional Code is 9277. The academic department that offers a comparable course will review your results and determine whether or not credit may be awarded. Contact your academic adviser or the Undergraduate Admissions Office for more information. 

Penn State Credit for DSST

Getting Started with DSST

Data source: Penn State Outreach and Online Education. Outreach and Analytics Reporting (2016, May). Adult Learner Profile