Providing Syllabi for Courses with No Evaluation

For courses that have not yet been evaluated for Penn State credit, you'll be asked to provide a course syllabus to See the Transfer Credit Equivalencies link for full details. If you are an admitted or current student who would like to transfer a course to Penn State, you will need to submit course syllabi for any courses that are pending review (XFRPEN) so that the syllabi can be submitted for departmental review. Please do not submit course descriptions instead of syllabi. However, you may need to provide multiple documents to cover the needed information. 

Here are some of the things faculty look for when reviewing a syllabus/calendar/addendum:

*topics covered by class meeting (not just course objectives)/ schedule of course content (a calendar) with time spent on topic

*name of institution

*number of credits the course is worth

*an official course description (helps determine if the course is for majors or non-majors)

*any required co-requisite or pre-requisite courses

*grading criteria: what was graded and how much was it worth

*how many exams, paper assignments, textbooks or readings are required

* textbook(s) used with chapters/sections/topics covered (course content)

*information about any readings besides the textboook

*science courses: presence of a lab component with the kinds of labs done and how much the lab counts; be sure to send both the lecture and the lab syllabus

*music courses: how many hours a week, what instrument or voice, individual or class lesson, major/minor/non major

If you need to request a course syllabus and no longer have your instructor’s contact information, search the college’s directory online.  If you do not remember the instructor or if the instructor is no longer there, search the website for the department chair for the subject for which you need a syllabus. Email the chair and/or assistant with your request.

Please email course syllabi to or mail syllabi to Undergraduate Admissions, The Pennsylvania State University, 201 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802-1294. You may also fax syllabi to 814-863-7590.

If emailing syllabi, please follow these instructions:

• Include your name and PSU ID number in the subject line

• Indicate the institution where course work was taken

• Attach each syllabus as a separate .pdf or Microsoft Word file

• Attach no more than four syllabi per email

• Do not send syllabi for multiple institutions in the same email

We encourage you to submit course syllabi for transfer pending review courses as soon as you are able. If you do not submit your course information, your transfer pending review credits will be reassigned to general credit (XFRGEN) during your first semester of enrollment at Penn State.